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“Fun server. Lots of people to talk to. You don’t even have to like Rick Astley, it’s just a nice server to chill out in. If you join make sure to react in #rick-astley-react for more channels to open!”


“There are lots of cool people here and most of us share a common interest – Rick Astley. Even if you don’t want to stay, at least visit and click the reaction! Later.”

“It is a very good server with memes and other fun things. It’s also a good server to meet new online friends and share memes on.”

“People are kind and funny, they’re all respectful. They’re are united around the same passion, Rick Astley. I love this server because it’s all about a joke that goes too far, but it’s a funny one, really. If you don’t want to stay, at least leave a reaction on the Rick Astley react channel !
And the plus of the server : you can rick roll yourself to the infinite with the bot who sing 24h/24″

“On this server, there are many kind worshipers from all over the world, and even though there are a lot of us we are still able to have convos without 100 messages at a time. I have had so much fun here and I hope others will get to aswell.”

“Good server with good people and good music too 😉
I hope this server can go far and the others can see to talk with new people, make new friends and laught with the rickrolls”

Here's how it works:

1. React to the image.

2. Enjoy the benefits with everyone!

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of darth plagueis the wise?